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I was really searching for articles for new trends such as sports, music, or latest fashions since I want to get updated by everything, and found out about London x city. I was amazed by  London x city website because they have fantastic articles I was looking for.



My name is Jasmine, an accountant and been two years of my career as an accountant and working in a bank here in London. But these days I realized that I want to build a fashion business but have no background for the latest trends. It took me for a while to search for something that can enlighten fashion designs. We knew that fashion could change from time to time, and I always want to be updated in order my business will grow. But I have still some doubt in myself if I can manage a fashion business since I do not have the background yet.


My interests start when I have this preloved clothes I really wanted to sell online, and then when I posted it on my social media. I was amazed because people have bought my clothes, and leave some comments that I should have posted more. It was easy money, and you have to be updated each time in the order it will pass on the taste of consumers and hit right away. I was then remembered my mom’s dream because her passion is sewing and she can make a perfect design. I thought of building a business for my mom, and I knew she would be grateful for it.


Well, I thanked God for all the blessing he showered upon me, not because of those painful experiences, I wouldn’t reach what I am now. I can far earn bigger money, and also don’t go to an internet cafe to surf. My life before was a bit hard, before I came to London, originally we came from Australia. Mom and I help each other to continue living because my father had left us. Perhaps because of his betrayal of us, I become so motivated to really finish college and let him know that we can go life without him. He keeps telling mom before that she can’t move in life without him. He was so proud of himself that he is the only one who provides everything because he has finish college. According to mom, dad was the one who forces her to marry him and stop studying. He promises to give her a good life which is he did, but he keeps counting it to mom when he’s mad. I knew how my mom loves to have a business, even when I was a child, she keeps telling me her dreams of life that is impossible for her to reach. She said to me she wanted to have a business; perhaps it could be clothes because my mom knew how to sew. She makes most of my occasions attire. And many people would ask who made my dress because they loved it. I keep mum about it because mom doesn’t want me to tell anyone else. Sometimes, she loves to watch on the magazine and tried to make it for me. My mom is an undiscovered tailor, and I really wanted to make her dreams come true. I promised myself before that when I earned lots of money; I will save for the business she wanted. I knew that it was her longtime dream, and if she could have a stable income, she had able to have her dreams come true. But instead of leaving me, or build a new family, she stayed with me, and focus her love and attention. I am so pleased because she raises me and gave me a good life even there are some issues we face through. She is very positive in life and wanted me to finish college for my own sake too.


Perhaps, it is wish granted, I had able to finish college, and was hired immediately. On her 50th  birthday, I surprised her with her new business, a fashion boutique. I will be the one to handle all social media and thanked London x city is a website that had to help me a lot.