How to uninstall applications on Mac

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Many Mac apps don’t have their own uninstallers. Therefore the Mac uninstall process is quite simple for most Mac users: they just drag the app icon to trash, empty trash and then forget about it. However, not all Mac apps can be removed this way. There exist bundled apps consisting of several components, most of which are usually left behind after the app is trashed. This may result in lack of disk space and a strong need for a Mac uninstaller.

Choosing a Mac Uninstall Solution

uninstall mac apps

So what can be done if your Mac’s hard drive is cluttered by app “remnants”? You can remove them manually from the Application Support folder of your Mac’s Library. However, some of such files can be hidden and you won’t see them without specialized software. Mac uninstaller programs were created exactly for such cases. One of such programs is MacKeeper system utility and its Smart Uninstaller tool.

MacKeeper – Your Best Choice to Uninstall on Mac

The main benefit of MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller is that it is able not only uninstall on Mac but also show components left by previously trashed apps in the Leftovers folder.

MacKeeper’s convenient Finder-like view will show all apps installed on your Mac, including widgets, preference panes and plugins. When you click each component, you will see all files it consists of. And when you select a component for removal, all additional files will be automatically selected as well. Just one click and they will be gone forever.

Mac uninstaller is not the only feature of MacKeeper. The app includes 4 more utilities for disk cleanup and 10+ powerful tools for security, optimization and data control. Try MacKeeper today to give your Mac ultimate care and protection!

uninstall mac apps

Complete Uninstall

Completely removes applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins and app leftovers.

Simple Uninstalling

Allows you to remove app preferences, cache and log files that still remain on your hard drive and waste valuable disk space.

16+ Useful Features

Includes other tools that make it a universal solution to all of your Mac-related issues.

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